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lifestyle photography

Pictures for the untamed creative ready to show up, step up and lift up.

Wild Dreamers
Photo Session

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Pictures for an awesome online presence and offline marketing materials.

Photo Session

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Pictures with your baby, lover or family.

Photo Session

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how it works

keeping it simple

I shoot with natural light.
I don't take photos of you.
I take photos with you. 
I go with the flow.
I edit intuitively.

As you are

No posing! The goal is to capture you as you are. Sure, I will guide you a little bit. I got your back. But if you are looking for a perfect smiling high school portrait shot, we might not be the best fit.  


I am not your photographer. I am your friend! We are in this together. I really want to get to know you so we can create images that reflect who you are. 

I only shoot with natural light. The sun is everything, whether it is behind a cloud or blasting through a window. 

Nature rules

Chasing the sun

I don't stick to a specific style. I make editing choices that enhances how things felt in the moment. My signature is natural, fresh and with a warm dark undertone.  


We go with the flow. Maybe we are wildly inspired at one location spot or not. There is no specific plan besides the date and location. We do what feels good. I am no mystery so you know exactly what is going on in my head. 

"It felt awkward and It's not me in the photos" I hear this all the time from women who went cheap on photos. You deserve a photo session that feels good. You deserve photographs that reflect who you are. You are amazing and it's time to celebrate that babes. I am not the cheapest deal, because I am passionate about capturing photographs that are meaningful, authentic and timeless.

Invest in yourself

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